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Two Schools

Computer School

Computer School for young adults started in March 2013. Average student strength about 200.

After School for Children

Started this school in January 2013 to tutor young children (class I through VII). Average student strength about 500.

Past Projects

Snake Map of India

Collected pictures and data of 33 most common snakes all over India to publish one of a kind 2' x 3' poster calendar.

Eye-opening Video on Snakes

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People Behind JSS

The children of CJSS school perform drama, do puppet shows among many other extracurricular activites.


CJSS published many leaflets and books and maps on many topics like snakes, intestinal disorders, black fever, malaria and even ghosts.

CJSS After School for Young Children

Jan 24, 2013, Canning, WB, India
The school is hosted in a large room (Utsa Manush Bhaban) about 65'x15' to teach about 50 children of class I through class VII in different batches from Monday through Friday.

The Children perform drama, do puppet shows among many other extracurricular activites. The parents of the children are very excited to see their childrens' potential to learn so many thing other than just studies. They did not have this opportunity before.

JSS - Jan. 2013 >>> Opening of Utsa Manush Bhaban

School Building - Under Construction

Nov 2, 2012, Canning, WB, India
JSS School Building construction started in November 2012. The first phase was finished in January 2013.
It is a large pretty area about 65 feet by 15 feet. As of January 2013, the total cost was about Rs. 1.50 Lacs (anout $3,000). Future expanstion may cost another Rs. 50 Thousand Lacs (about $1,000).

JSS School Building

Tutoring Children

May 2012, Canning, WB,  India
We started tutoring 37 children (class I through VI) from our neighborhood under the banner - Asoke Bandopadhya Pothan Pathan Kendra since May 2012. We also take care of their health by conducting regular medical checkups and providing them with appropriate medicines.

JSS School Mission

JSS School Children