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Project 1: Snake map of India (CJSS). More...

Project 2: Building a structure to hold 37 students in Golf Green, Kolkata, India. More... 


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Speech & Hearing and Research Centre


Since 1978, SHIRC has been dedicated for "total care" of speech and hearing impaired children from indigent families around Kolkata, Eastern India & Bangladesh. Today SHIRC operates from a full-fledged center in Kolkata and from 4 other rural centers. SHIRC is located in Kolkata, India.

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Current Projects

Past Projects

Second one-story building was under construction in 2012. The total cost to build this structure was around Rupees 2 Lacs. For details of the proposed structure, click on 2nd proposed structure.

A one-story structure was already built in 2010 on 61 sq. meters area. It is located in Golf Green, Kolkata. To get a picture of the land and the existing structure, click on photo gallery. (ssf was not directly connected with this project)

Getting computers

Technical help with the hearing lab

First Structure in Golf Green. More...